Hello! Searching for a software testing service?

Discover a comprehensive solution for modern software testing that benefits from the use of professional testers and deep tech knowledge. BUGWHISPERERS will support your project to improve your applications. Our experienced testers will help you to track and fix every bug. Put your trust into an external feedback to deliver better products. Get advice, clear bug reports and a fresh perspective from our testers.


What we test

We do functional, usability and localisation tests. Functional tests can include manual testing and automation tests. Supported languages for localisation tests are English, German and Spanish. We cover a wide area of platforms and fields:

  • Platforms: Mobile, web, desktop, wearables and game-consoles.
  • Common fields: Apps for business, media, travel, health, education, gaming and much more.

Feel free to contact us for special requests. Respect of privacy and data protection is a natural part of our activities.

Functional & usability Functional & usability
One cycle Multiple cycles
Access to bug tracking system Access to bug tracking system
Support includes chat & screencast Support includes chat, screencast & live screensharing
Exploratory tests Test-automation, testcases & exploratory tests
€ 390 € 1650
Prices include 23 % Irish VAT.


Take advantage of our moderate and transparent prices. Feel free to contact us for individual tests. We can arrange testcases, regression-testing and localisation-tests as well. Prices on request.


Our testers gained experience while working with NASDAQ-100, European multinational and medium-sized-companies as well as startups. We offer easy and understandable communication and assist you with any problems that arise. We pay special attention to data security and to a reputable testing process.

How it works

To get bug-reports from us is straightforward:

  • Contact us and tell us your need. We will elaborate together focus, priorities and level of security. Inquisitive minds will be feed with software testing knowledge.
  • Once you have paid for your package, we will grant access to our intuitive bug tracking system and support platform. Togheter we establish access to your app for our testers.
  • Full steam ahead: We will test your application. You will receive bug-reports ongoing and independently of your overall project progress. You can export bug-reports and integrate them into your preferred tracking-system.
  • Once the work is complete, a comprehensive testing report will highlight major issues and bug types that occurred. The report includes written feedback about your project and the software testing process itself.

You want to know more? Novices can request a video-walkthrough.

  • Software Testing Service - Cheatsheet
  • Software Testing - Glossary of terms

    The right document for software-testing novices.

  • Software Testing Tutorial
  • Localisation Buddy

    Conduct Android Localisation Tests a faster way with the app Localisation Buddy.